Counter Regressive

"Conservatives" in the classic sense are a rare breed these days. The Republican party has been taken over by "regressives" who use their narrow interpretation of religion and the Constitution to serve their own needs. It is the duty of every progressive to speak up and stand against these regressives if we want our society to grow and our children to be successful.

And remember - "liberal" is not a dirty word. After all, the Founding Fathers were actually the liberals of their day.

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Paul Ryan: Looting Is Lawless And So Is President Obama


Paul Ryan: Looting Is Lawless And So Is President Obama

Everyone on the couch was swooning over the failed Vice Presidential Candidate and alleged policy wonk, Paul Ryan this morning. He asserted, like any good patriotic American, that he doesn’t like the way the country is going and he, unlike the rest of Congress, has a plan. He is very dedicated to reelecting Republicans in 2014, especially Governor Scott Walker even if instead of creating jobs, Wisconsin lost 1,700 jobs in May and June of this year. He’s still a Republican, after all, just as dedicated to destroying organized labor and regulating a woman’s body as Paul Ryan is. The Wisconsin Congressman looked especially confident with a couchful of admirers, especially Hasselbeck, who looked at Ryan with boundless admiration.

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